On Happiness

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Happy Joy Joy.” It’s nice to imagine someone concocting a magic recipe for happiness, but it’s also unrealistic. Happiness isn’t universal, and therein lies its beauty- there are as many unique combinations of looks and tastes and feels that produce happiness as there are people. I do believe, however, […]

Movies I’ve Seen: Love Actually

I’ve started watching “Parenthood” on Netflix. I’m still on the first season, but I’m already pretty engrossed. I recently watched an episode wherein Haddie Braverman has her first argument with her boyfriend, over the movie “Love Actually”; Haddie thinks the movie is romantic, while her boyfriend thinks it should have been called “Lame Actually”. And […]

On Church

Whenever I visit my folks, my mom likes to take me to Mass. I also occasionally attend services at a local church that a few of my friends belong to My mother is a devout Catholic, my friends are Christian. I, on the other hand, am agnostic. Per my very accurate source, the definition of […]