Stories: An Organized Mess

Your bedroom from the point of view of a stranger forced to occupy it for a week.

This bedroom is kind of a disaster. A suitcase that is either packed for a trip, or not unpacked from a trip. Shopping bags with clothing items that still have their tags. A pile of laundry that hasn’t made it to the washer. A chair overburdened with various pieces of clothing, a pillow, a blanket, and a few stuffed animals. A floor that could use a good vacuuming; a bathroom sink bogged down with styling tools, perfume, and makeup.

But it’s also kind of appealing. There are books everywhere – organized on a bookcase, stacked on wall shelves, piled on the nightstand. And it’s a wide range of reading material, too, spanning everything from biographies, mystery, science fiction/fantasy, classics. There are also random study guides – GMAT/GRE, LSAT, and Chinese. The closet is neatly arranged; her shirts and blouses are organized by the colors of the rainbow, everything faces the same direction, and the items stored in drawers are carefully rolled.

It’s an organized mess.


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