Juice Cleanse: Before

The goal here is not to shill a product. If you’d like to know more about the specific cleanse, here is a link. I personally like how they process their juices, that everything is organic, and that they’re local to San Diego.

My biggest concern prior to starting the cleanse was feeling hungry. I get extremely irritable when I’m hungry, and I was afraid that juice alone wouldn’t cut it. I was also worried that I wouldn’t be taking in enough protein or iron. I’m mildly anemic, so a lack of iron could be truly detrimental; I also get the shakes when I feel like I haven’t had enough protein.

But I was looking forward to a “reset”, if you will. I had the biggest allergy scare of my life in May of this year – and that’s saying something, considering how scary my allergies are. Yet again, my doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause, and I react with paranoia to any sign of a possible allergy attack. So what I’m hoping to do after this is over is slowly reintroduce foods I normally eat, and watch for reactions.

I also wanted to take a look at my food cravings. When I’m bored, I reach for food – and while I’ve gotten better at reaching for fruits or vegetables, I still didn’t like that I was mindlessly eating when I wasn’t actually hungry. I have no sense of portion control, either; even when I’m not hungry, if there is food on my plate I will pick at it until I’ve eaten it all. I like this cleanse because it lays out my meals and snacks for me – no thought required. Certain foods, if I’m just plain hungry, are allowable – avocados, sweet potatoes, veggies – so I laid in a small stock. But my goal was to avoid eating food unless absolutely necessary. I’m hoping this curbs some of that mindless nibbling.

I’ve heard and read many mixed reactions to cleansing. Some people feel positively euphoric afterwards, some people can’t wait to get back to solid foods – but almost all ended their cleanses with a sense of clarity and willpower. It’ll be interesting to track how I feel throughout the process.


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