Juice Cleanse: Day 1

My roommate and I are doing a Suja 3-day Fresh Start juice cleanse! More about the cleanse itself, more about why we chose this cleanse, and more about why I’m doing a cleanse in the first place can be found here. Below are my thoughts on day 1.

I wake up feeling mildly headache-y, but excited to start the cleanse. I drink a glass of lime water (it was supposed to be lemon, but I have and like limes), then brew a pot of extremely weak coffee. (Side note: Caffeine is verboten, so this was a cheat. In my defense, the coffee was seriously weak.) I limit myself to half a cup, and as of this writing, I still haven’t had all of it. I also do a little yoga, to wake up my limbs.
At this point, I’m pretty eager to start the juices, but I’m not actually hungry yet, and I’m supposed to be mindful of my food cravings. I know I’m restless because I want to see how the juice tastes, but I don’t actually need it yet.
I’m ready to break into my first juice! Breakfast is Glow, a green juice. (Details about the ingredients of each juice can be found here.)
You can see in the photo that, when the juice is first removed from the refrigerator, the contents have settled at the bottom. After a good shake, the juice becomes a darker green.
I can smell the celery and the mint, but I can’t really taste either. No one ingredient particularly stands out to me. It tastes pretty good! Not too sweet. Kind of like drinking a salad – a really good salad.
Jessica comes up with a new hashtag – #sujasadface. We tune into the Rock’s services this morning (I owe myself a post on religion), and about halfway through Pastor Miles’ service, my stomach starts grumbling audibly. I MISS CHEWING. But! Look at my midmorning snack (Fuel) – isn’t it beautiful? And it’s damn tasty: carroty, with refreshing notes of lemon, and sweeter than breakfast. The turmeric isn’t distinguishable. My hunger is. But I’m resisting the temptation to reach for an avocado – I know that I’ll feel full once I finish my snack.
In a juice-fueled fit of frenzy, Jessica decides to rearrange the living room. It looks quite nice afterwards! I haven’t broken into my lunch juice yet, but I am getting hungry.
I break into lunch. I can definitely taste the beet, and the celery seems stronger in this flavor. It isn’t my favorite, but like all the other juices, Purify isn’t bad, either. It just isn’t going to keep me full for very long.
I’m weak. I pop two sweet potatoes into the toaster oven. I’m not even halfway through my Purify juice.
I haven’t eaten any of the baked potatoes. Instead, I poured out some of my afternoon snack juice, Fiji. This one is pretty good, too. It has a lot of veggie aroma, but it goes down fairly sweet. It doesn’t taste as earthy as Purify, and it has a nice, crisp bite to it.
I have a massage appointment at 5pm today. I’d meant to take my snack with me, to drink on the way, and have my dinner on ice to drink on the way back. This might work out better, though. I’m drinking some of my snack juice now, then take the remainder to drink on the way, and hopefully not have to pee like a demon during the massage.
My goodness. So much peeing.
I stare longingly at the baked sweet potatoes. I sip on more juice. The ginger in Fiji provides a kick, which is a good change of pace from the sweeter Fuel and the earthy Purify. I don’t remember what breakfast tasted like.
I can’t believe so little time has passed. I’m having half a sweet potato. I don’t want to be thinking about how hungry I am all throughout my massage.
Best damn sweet potato I’ve ever had.
With the half potato and the rest of my Fiji juice, I’m feeling pretty full. I’m also feeling a little tired and a lot cold. I break out the fuzzy socks and contemplate another half potato.
I have the other half potato. It is delicious, and I feel like I can make it through the rest of my evening on juice alone.
I can’t make it into my appointment without my stomach grumbling. Good thing I brought my dinner with me! Green Supreme, which is basically just kale. It tastes like… kale. I like kale, though, so it’s pretty good. I’m most looking forward to the next and final drink, but first – my massage and the rest of my dinner.
I finished my dinner, and I actually feel very full at the moment. I’m not desperate for my dessert drink just yet. Perhaps I’m finally adjusting?
I treat myself to dessert! Vanilla Cloud is one of the company’s most touted flavors, and it’s pretty good. I could use a creamier, thicker, more substantial beverage. Or, you know, something I can chew. Chewing is so underrated.
Overall impression of day 1:
It wasn’t fun, but it’s over.
Quote of the night:
Jessica: I felt something in my mouth and I was like, “Oh my god, it’s so good!”

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