Juice Cleanse: Day 2

Day 1

Day 2’s reactions below (12/8/14)

I wake up with a mild headache and a great need to pee, but I managed to sleep through the night without getting up once for a bathroom break. Whoo!

Doing the cleanse at work will be a test. I chug my water and fix myself a pot of coffee. It’s the weakest coffee I’ve ever brewed and I hate it, but it’s something warm and (kind of) caffeinated. I’ll take it! I also pack the other baked sweet potato and carrot sticks. I’d rather have them on hand and not eat them than go hangry at work.

Hanger is real. (Not what you hang your clothes on, but the anger caused by being hungry.)

I begin my breakfast. I’m staying positive about this experience, even though I swear the taste of celery is stronger today than it was yesterday.

Temptation is EVERYWHERE. In my little stockpile of oatmeal, granola, and hot chocolate. In my tub of cookies that I leave out for the office vultures. In freaking carrot sticks. But I am staying strong. I remind myself of the positive effects that Jessica and I discussed on the way to work. We both slept fairly well. We woke up feeling pretty good. I feel like I have a decent amount of energy, even without finishing my coffee-water. My headache is gone. I can do this!

It’s kind of helpful, being at work. I’m distracted by all the things I need to get done – answering emails, approving orders, completing a few financial journals, prep for the holiday party (this part will be hard – I need to order hams and turkeys). I sip on my coffee-water, for warmth. (I forgot to mention earlier that I added almond milk to the coffee.) I am hanging in there – no need to break into my snack juice just yet.

It’s not so much that I’m hungry, although that is a factor. I miss the MOTIONS of eating – cutting/peeling, smelling, tasting, CHEWING food.

My warm and fuzzy feelings begin to dissipate. I don’t care how delicious my Fuel juice is – it isn’t food. I JUST WANT A DAMN COOKIE.

I finish my Fuel. I’ve dragged out the first two drinks of the morning, and I’m actually feeling FULL. Not sated, not satisfied – but full.

Still miss chewing.

I pour my Purify juice into my tumbler so I can drink it down with a straw. It’s easily my least favorite flavor, and the straw helps me get it down faster. It also makes me colder – I can literally feel the cold juice working its way through my body. Disconcerting. After lunch, I’ll fix myself a cup of hot water and lime, and stare at my hot chocolate packets. Perhaps that will make me feel like I’ve actually had hot chocolate.

The warm lime water is helping immensely. This is good to know. I don’t feel the need to tear off my coworker’s arm and steal his coffee quite so strongly now.

I am concerned that I’m starting to feel the hunger shakes, a sign I usually take from my body to mean that I am lacking in protein. I’m working on my snack juice at the moment, but I’m fairly certain I’ll need to break out the sweet potato shortly.

One of my coworkers brought in a red velvet bundt cake for our MSO’s birthday. I receive a slice. I DON’T EAT IT. Instead, I place it inside a tupperware container, to save until Thursday. Then, I make a mistake – I lick off the fork without thinking and imbibe a smidge of frosting.

OH, LORD. The frosting is magical, and I eye the tiny piece of cake in the container. Resist! Stay strong! Finish your juice!

I inhale half a potato to keep my mind off cake and to keep the shakes away. I heat it up in the microwave, and it helps to have warm, chewable food. I eat it too quickly, however. I really need to savor my food more.

I finish the other half of my sweet potato, this time making it last several minutes. Warm food is the best.

I am eating an avocado with my dessert beverage. I drank my dinner around 5:30pm, and I did feel fairly sated. And dessert is filling, too – I’m probably not going to add additional almond milk. But I still feel a little shaky, so I’m hoping the avocado helps with that.

Avocados are amazing. This is the most full I’ve felt. I’m going to marry an avocado.

Jessica eats some apple and is surprised by how sweet it is. I try a bite – and it is overwhelmingly sweet. Mother of pearl, my taste buds are nuts right now.

I go to bed early, with a book and some lime water. The book helps distract from the feeling of emptiness – the avocado didn’t stick with me very long.

Overall impression of Day 2:
I don’t like living on juice alone.

(For Jessica’s reactions, check out her blog here.)


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