Juice Cleanse: After

The juice
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

It’s over, y’all – I have officially survived 72 hours of subsisting on nothing but juice! And it was… an adventure.

Let’s not beat around the bush here: doing the cleanse was hard, and I got very little satisfaction over the course of 72 hours. But I do think this could have a positive impact on my overall eating habits. I’m very much aware of how often I eat simply because I’m bored or stressed. My goal now is to kick that mindless eating habit to the curb, or at least quit reaching for the bad stuff when I do have to have a little something. All too often I’ll go for a cookie or a piece of chocolate. Well, I ate a fun-size Snickers bar today – and it was DISGUSTINGLY sweet. (Damn it, juice cleanse – did you really f-ck with my ability to enjoy cheap chocolate?!)

I can see myself incorporating a little more clean eating, and being aware of when and why I munch. And I figure, if I can subsist on juice alone for three freaking days, it won’t kill me to have the 8 oz. steak instead of the 12 oz., or if I forego the mac and cheese for the salad. (MAYBE.) I exerted willpower, I stepped up to and completed a challenge, and in the aftermath of this cleanse, I plan to build a better relationship with my body.

So – would I do it again? Yes. (But not for a while.)

Would I recommend this cleanse in particular? Yes. (And let me remind you that I paid for these juices myself. I have no relationship with this company whatsoever.) The juices were all good, and some were downright delicious. I struggled with one juice (Purify), but it could have been so much worse. And the convenience of ordering the juice, not worrying about meals for three days straight was unbeatable. Just be prepared to be hungry (obviously).

Which brings me to another realization – I often eat out simply because it is more convenient, but at what cost? I’ve been well aware of the financial toll, but because I buy salads and wraps, I didn’t feel like I was negatively impacting my body with my laziness. But I see the added benefit of putting together a meal that suits my tastes AND my body. Today’s lunch was a salad purchased from a nearby restaurant, and it contained feta and house-made dressing. Immediately after lunch, my stomach was so tense and uncomfortable. I wonder – if I had tossed together a salad that didn’t include cheese or such a rich dressing, would I have felt differently? (I swear – if I’m lactose-intolerant, I’m going to be very upset.) This makes me feel a little more motivated to cut back store-bought salads and sandwiches, and put together my own lunches.

A cleanse isn’t for everyone, and hell – it might not even be for me. But if I can take these healthier habits and mindsets and incorporate them into my daily routine, then it will definitely have been worth it.


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