Juice Cleanse: Day 3

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Thoughts on Day 3 (12/9/14)

I roll out of bed, glad that it is finally Day 3. This cleanse is almost over! I sip on my lime water, brew my weak coffee, and look forward to being done with this day ASAP. I pack up an avocado and a sweet potato, along with 4 of the juices (dinner and dessert will be consumed at home).

Am starting to feel hungry. Some elf ran around the office last night, leaving chocolates on everyone’s desks. I’m going to kill that elf.

We have a minor issue at work that temporarily distracts me. Getting started on breakfast now. In other reviews I’ve read, bloggers wrote about missing juice the first day after the cleanse. I’m pretty sure they’re crazy. I can see myself replacing meals with juices more often, and I do enjoy smoothies for breakfast during the warmer months. But I will not miss subsisting on juice alone. Food is glorious, people. GLORIOUS.

I have a headache.

I start my snack juice. After I finished breakfast and drank some water, the headache mostly dissipated. After my snack, I think I’ll down some warm lime water.

I break out an avocado. I’m going to try to make this baby last until the end of lunch. I add the juice of a wedge of lime, and sprinkle it with salt and red pepper flakes. I try to avoid thinking about tortilla chips.

I make it last until 12:41pm. I start my lunch beverage. I’m already dying for my sweet potato.

I give in. I’m having a piece of dark chocolate.

No! I’m resisting! I’m having half a sweet potato.

I’m sipping on my green juice snack, and heating up the other half of my sweet potato. This day is almost over, and I’ve squirreled away a few pieces of chocolate to eat as a celebratory snack at dessert, 72 hours be damned!

I retreat into my bedroom early, toting my dinner drink. I sip on that while I lay in bed, watching a little TV. I am utterly exhausted and also afraid that I’m coming down with the cold that has been plaguing my office. I don’t bother with the dessert drink. I’ll save it for another day.

Overall impression of Day 3:
I’m just glad it’s over.


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