Stories: Dear Stranger


Write an anonymous letter to a stranger detailing the things you’ve learned about life.


Dear Stranger,

This is such a cliche, but what makes life worth living is figuring out who you are, and love. But here’s the thing – on paper, it looks easy, but nothing is further from the truth.

In my experience, figuring out who you are is not a feat accomplished in terms of days, weeks, or even months. No, you need to think in terms of YEARS. Figuring out who you are is a lifelong process. There’s knowing what you stand for, what you’ll fight for, who you’d die for. There’s the discovery of your strength, and the times when your strength will fail you may be some of your life’s most telling experiences. Self-discovery is a journey. But do not make it a passive one. Seek challenges. Express yourself.

And learn how to love. Unabiding, soul-crushing love. Deep, warm, platonic love. Loyal, accepting, filial love. Love for your friends. Love for your family. Love for your significant other. Love for yourself. Because that’s what really makes it all worthwhile. Yes, it can (and will) absolutely suck. But the shit you endure (and HOW you endure it) will inform and shape all of your life experiences. And you will be richer for it.

Best of luck,


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