On Being My Best Self

The duality of the human character is an old, universal topic, and if you’ve ever argued with yourself you’ll understand why. It is also a topic that has been addressed by many writers far more talented than I, so I won’t bore you with a tired revision. Instead, today I want to discuss the nature […]

On writing

I am completely, totally, utterly infatuated with reading. I love reading. I write to please myself, I write to imagine a life as a person whose works are enjoyed and celebrated. But do I necessarily want that life? Or is it simply fun to ponder? Because I struggle to be as devoted to writing as […]

Juice Cleanse: Day 3

Day 1 Day 2 Thoughts on Day 3 (12/9/14) 7:00am I roll out of bed, glad that it is finally Day 3. This cleanse is almost over! I sip on my lime water, brew my weak coffee, and look forward to being done with this day ASAP. I pack up an avocado and a sweet […]